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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services


At Woodlawns Landscape Company, we’re not just passionate about landscaping. We’re reinventing the very field and setting new expectations for which landscape design is judged. From design to development, we’re cognizant of your company’s values and branding, and conscientiously threading them through to the final products we deliver. We’re committed to these values, acting as an extension of your company in providing complete, stress-free management of your landscapes and stunning facades that set you apart.

Landscape Management

We provide site-specific landscape architecture, design, and full-service maintenance that’s tailored to your company needs and inextricably tied to your business objectives.

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As a leading Chicago landscape architecture and design firm, we provide everything from mulching reinventions and tireless tree services to full turf renovations.

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Seasonal Color

Our innovative color division is a favorite in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and is specifically designed for the Midwest.

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Water Management

We design robust, economical water systems that keep your exterior grounds lush and vibrant, invigorating a flourishing outdoor curb appeal.

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Tree & Plant Care

We offer comprehensive tree services and plant care, ranging from tireless trimming and pruning to proactive tree and plant evaluation and diagnostics.

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