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Markets: Commercial Landscaping for Retailers, Hotels, & More


You have a vision for your business—we are here to help you achieve it.

We sculpt breathtaking landscapes that empower you to stand out from your competition and to leave a lasting impression on your community. As commercial landscape management experts who have spent many years developing expertise in prominent industries and geographies, you can trust on Woodlawns Landscape Company to deliver your vision of success.


We will empower you to become a titan of your industry, adding value to your property through professional landscape design and landscape management that promote professionalism and invite business. Previous office/industrial landscaping projects have included:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Corporate campuses
  • Mid and high rise single site
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Education facilities

Retail and Mixed Use

Experienced retail management companies know that business extends beyond the store’s doors. It starts with creating an inviting environment that attracts shoppers. We will improve your property’s landscape with striking, unforgettable designs that enhance your customers’ experiences and encourage returning visitors, driving revenue. Previous retail and mixed use landscaping projects have included:

  • Lifestyle centers
  • Shopping malls


Home is where the heart is, and we’re here to make sure their hearts are really in it by creating spectacular multifamily landscapes that will attract prospective homebuyers who seek a nice safe haven to call home. Previous multifamily landscaping projects have included:

  • Homeowner associations (HOAs)
  • Condominium associations (COAs)
  • Apartment/rental communities
  • Retirement communities


Hospitality professionals are experts in crating inviting atmospheres for vacationing guests, which starts at the moment they enter your premises. We are here to create a luxurious retreat to which your guests will want to escape time and time again, turning return visitors into loyal customers. Previous hospitality landscaping projects have included:

  • Resorts
  • Hotels


Create a portrait of utility and efficiency for your administrative offices to operate within. We’re here to make sure your municipality appears its best, to portray a sense of professionalism that inspires civility and enacts decorum. Previous municipality projects have included:

  • Special service areas (SSA)
  • Villages and towns

Lead Your Market with Woodlawns Landscape Company

Whatever market your business falls within, we are here to understand its intricacies and deliver landscapes in which your business thrives. We will create an external environment that compellingly represents your company’s excellence visually, ensuring customers will take notice.
If you are ready to enlist in beautiful landscaping that deserves your company’s name, confidently call upon Woodlawns—we are eager and excited to exceed your expectations.