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Woodlawns Landscape Company Debuts New Website - Woodlawns Landscape


Woodlawns Landscape Company Debuts New Website

In keeping with our tradition to strive toward exceeding your expectations and delivering quality service, we are proud to announce the launch of our updated, fully modernized company website,

Our website was ready for the modern features and enhanced user experience necessary to make our internet presence a true representation of our company. Fully comprehensive, our new website includes an expanded about section with updated company and team member bios; a more robust representation of our services, highlighting our newly reinforced, innovative seasonal color division; a growing portfolio supporting our increasing reputation as a commercial landscape management household name within the North Shore and surrounding Chicago suburbs; a new blog/news section to keep our near-and-dear customers consistently informed; a more targeted circumscribing of our company locations and service areas; and a new career page designed to attract the best and brightest landscaping professionals interested in joining our company family.

Finally, our new website—modernized with advanced responsive web technologies, tablet and mobile compatibility, and inbuilt scalability and adaptability—was modeled in both a commitment to our present and future customers and to our company’s growing needs to ensure our website evolves as our industry and technology similarly advances.

Our new site was the result of a partnership with digital marketing agency Elevate Creative Group (ECG). Designed to tell our story in a cohesive way, we teamed with website developers, user experience (UX) designers, and digital marketing specialists at ECG to envision and deliver a seamless website experience that we believe authentically represents our company family through refined structure, an elegantly modernized look and feel, and optimized content targeted to specific audiences in relevant markets.